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Meeting Your Needs at Every Life Stage

Financial Planning

Our Financial Advisors work with our clients to create a roadmap to their future, adapting to changing circumstances over time and helping clients achieve and protect their goals.  Whether you are purchasing a home, starting a family or saving for a vacation we'll work with you to create a plan tailored for your unique needs.

Retirement Planning

Equitrust can help guide you toward the path and through retirement.  We can provide the tools and services necessary to retire on your terms. Our Financial Advisors will help answer important retirement questions such as at what age can I retire, how does retirement affect social security benefits, what to do with my 401(k) or pension plan.

College Planning

While college costs continue to rise, the good news is that there are tax-advantaged ways to save for college.  We'll help you navigate your college savings options.  Services include estimating your college savings needs and products such as 529 college savings plan, coverdells and custodial accounts.


Businesses have unique financial planning needs.  Equitrust has the tools and experience to help businesses achieve their strategic goals and objectives.  Equitrust has expert Accredited Investment Fiduciaries ready to assist in designing employee 401(k) profit sharing plans to help you attract and keep high-quality employees.


As independent insurance agents, we do not work for a specific insurance company--we work for you.  We will place your policy with a financially-sound, reputable company that offers the best coverage at a competitive price.  Insurance products include term life insurance and long term care.

Leaving a Legacy

Estate planning can help preserve your assets, reduce taxes for your heirs, and unlock opportunities for future generations and your charitable pursuits.  Our Financial Advisors leverage specialists in trusts, insurance, philanthropy and family dynamics to help clients develop estate and wealth transfer plans customized to their needs.

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